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Game Pro Evolution Soccer or commonly abbreviated as PES is one of the best soccer game and most popular in the world. After the PES 2012, now appears the latest version of PES 2012. Generally, PES 2013 is the refinement of PES 2011. But sometimes we are so less accustomed to playing this game because the graph PES 2013 too different than previous versions of PES.

For those users who are new to PES 2013, don't worry. There will be some cheats, tips and tricks that can be used for novice gamers to become professional gamers.

Here is cheat, tips and tricks to play PES 2013:

1. do the Crossing
Version of PES 2013 is different in terms of feedback crossing than PES. When do the bait side of the crossing keeper will be easily controlled the ball. The solution is to use the secondary hull feed by pressing the O twice. With this bait balls tend to be the ball wild in the penalty opponent or potentially occur because corners ball thrown by opposing players.

2. make use of Wing Back
The PES 2012 looks once the player forward back often wing to assist in the attack. This is very helpful to do pengusaan the ball with tiki-taka's strategy to find a gap defense. However, PES players trailing 2013 is rarely helpful in advance so that the winger had to do individual skill in passing defense. This can be overcome by using the strategy of "Swap Swing" or select (start + X) while playing, thus the rear wing players will often forward helped the invasion.

3. Receive Feedback
Players PES 2013 impressed more spoiled in search of empty places. This can be overcome by frequent-often pressing the L1 + X when the feed, so that the player who finished the three immediately ran forward to find the gaps. Another solution is to press the R3 (right analog), which serves to make one of our players ran to empty.

4. strategy of Supersub
In Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, players who run out of stamina will greatly affect his game. An example is inaccurate in grabbing the ball to wrong position in accepting the bait. This can be an advantage if we use it properly.

We need to do is hold one of the players in our team with a high rate of speed. This player can play as a supersub with play it around minute 70 ' above. With the conditions of the opposing players are starting to fatigue, the supersub this will be easier in doing its job and scored a significant difference at the end of the game.

5. Build the attack
In PES 2010, the midfield is key in the game. If we can control the midfield and wings with continue to play ball and give feedback to the striker, then just wait for a goal. Do not directly attack sporadically to the heart of the defence while in a position of lagging behind. This just makes it easier to anticipate opposing defender and launched a counter-attack which can bear fruit goals for the opponent. The best solution is to stay calm and controlled the game while looking for loopholes to create opportunities that are more mature.

6. the situation One on One
In 2013, PES one on one situations between the striker and goalkeeper of the opponent will be easier to score. Simply navigate the ball away or towards the Poles where the goalie is hard to reach, then the goals will most likely occur.

7. System Persist
In 2013, PES do not rely on the way the button R1 + R2 + X or X for the system survived and took the ball from an opponent. Try to use the button R1 + box while directing our players to do the manual pressing to opposing players. This would make opposing players to be off guard and would do a passing rush.

8. Dribbling
In 2013, the PES will be easier in doing dribbling to get past opposing players, but more difficult in doing 1-2 feedback if compared to PES 2012. The trick in doing while dribbling past opponents could use the buttons R2 and R3. Both the button in combination with the direction it will be created a lot of movements that are pretty cool in the past.

Here are some examples of the combination of dribbling by making use of the buttons, R2, R1 and R3:

R3 = Right Analog

R2 = Special Control

R1 = Dash

Flick = press and hold R2 when opposing players hooked forward
Sombrero = press and hold R2 and R3 head to opposing players
Running Elevator = while dribble, hold R2 and R3 head to ↘ or ↗
Cross Over Turn = time of dribble, point R2 ↓ → ↓ ↑ R2 or R3 → R3 ↑
Flip Flap = time of dribble, point R2 R3 or R2 → ↘ ↗ → R3 ↘
Double Touch = R2 ↓ → → R3 or R2 ↑ → R3 →
Nutmeg = hold down R2 (as opposed to approaching), then R1 + R2 towards the opponents
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